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    Quick Doodle / Wip or whatever…

     I like Monet u 7 u 

  2. we’re the two best friends that anyone could have~

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    You see, “poop” here is actually a metaphor. All creatures, like it or not, must somehow find a way to release the waste built up in their bodies; the common solution being to produce fecal matter. However, if these creatures were not living, they would stop producing waste.

    The phrase here, “Do you poop?” is not a query of whether or not one produces fecal waste, but rather, if they are still able to. Meaning, that, they are in reality asking, “Are you alive?” which, in itself, presents a variety of possible meanings.

    What is it like to truly live? What is the meaning of life? How do we know that we still live?

    However, it is also notable that, upon death, many living creatures lose control of their bowels, and produce large amounts of fecal matter upon losing their lives.

    This means that besides asking about life itself, this phrase also asks about death and the life after, if there is such a thing.

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  7. Sanji stop being so gangly. I mean, everything about you is all lanky and tall <3

    -ruining tender moments-

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    Dear Nico Robin,

    From the seventh to the eighth of August, I drew and coloured this picture of you. It was not easy, but, I tried my best. Except for the flower on your vest - I totally half-assed that. I am very proud of this drawing, as it is the best I’ve ever done, although I realized that I may have accidentally made your left boob bigger than the right one.

    But, hey.

    So is mine.

    Sincerely, Angela

    Her nose is perfect <3

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    luffy’s backstory

    zoro’s backstory

    nami’s backstory

    usopp’s backstory

    sanji’s backstory

    chopper’s backstory

    robin’s backstory

    franky’s backstory

    brook’s backstory

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